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Cranes Cranes

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I believe this story was about what happens to an infant when left alone with no languages spoken around it. A baby will do its best to mimic any sounds it hears, thus the strange crane-like noises its making in this animation. The same thing happens with feral children who are raised by animals with no contact with humans; they only speak in growls and barks. I vaguely remember hearing a story when I was studying Language that the Ancient Egyptians once left a child alone in a room, and only fed and watered it. They wanted to see if language was divine and came from the gods. The baby started bleating like a sheep; he was near an open window next to a sheep farm. Anyway, that's where I think your story came from.

The piece itself now. I thought the animation was great. It's very hard to animate humans, but I liked the way you drew your infant. I agree with one of your earlier comments that music would've detracted from the piece, especially if it's about what I think it's about. So good call. The voice acting on the baby is disconcertingly realistic, but very well done all the same.

Congratulations on your first solo submission, it turned out great.

PS: Please do let me know if I'm somewhere in the right area with my interpretation :P

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redminus responds:

You're completely correct, actually, which I find really interesting in a lot of ways... mainly that I was told the same story as the one you described, except that in the version I heard from my critical theory professors, the scenario was literally that the child was alone in a room with a view of construction cranes. This was presumed to have been a cold-war era experiment of some kind, but no matter what academic or archival avenues I investigated, I was unable to find a single piece of information documenting the case.

That much really led me to belive that this was some kind of postmodern fable or urban legend, used to illustrate a point (that entry into language is nature, not nurture, among other things) and the fact that you've heard the same story posed in a different circumstance reinforces that conclusion. Thanks a lot for your review~! In some odd way, your story was kind of the final piece to a small puzzle that I'd been stewing over for the past while.

Thanks also for your comments on the animation itself, I'm glad you enjoyed how it turned out!